Australian Pokies

The Interactive Gambling Amendment Bill 2016 will come into effect on the 11th September 2017.

Already some of the more well known casino software makers have announced that they are pulling out of Australia, both Netent and Microgaming are already gone.

Over the last few months a small number of online casinos have also announced that they will no longer operate in Australia, and many more will likely follow in the coming weeks.

Once Microgaming went, all Microgaming powered casinos had to follow.

So, from the 11th September Aussies will not be able to sign up at a lot of the well known and popular Microgaming casinos, and Aussie players that already have accounts with those casinos will not be allowed to play starting from the 13th September.

This bill not only goes after online casinos, but also payments to online casino sites and even advertising of casino sites.

We have a lot more to say about all that, but for now this is the new reality in Australia.

Online Casinos that will stay

Most of the casinos that have made announcements about their position on Australia have opted to leave. Some few casinos have announced their intention to continue working in the Australian market, and to continue to accept Aussie players.

The vast majority of online casinos have made no announcement at this time.

These are the sites that we know as of now will try to continue.